Example of how the media can stoke the flames of anti-drone hysteria.

The headline of the article:  “Plane hits drone over Adelaide airport”

From the very first line in the article:  “A light plane has been damaged after hitting what’s thought to be a drone near Adelaide’s Parafield Airport.”

From the next sentence in the article: “when it was struck by an object”.

So which is it?  Did the plane hit an “object” or a drone?

So many problems with this ridiculously biased article.  It was struck by an “object”.  The plane was landing but the altitude at the time of the “strike” is not mentioned so, in theory, someone might have thrown a rock.  Or a bird could have flown into it which actually happens frequently unlike a drone-plane collision which I don’t believe has ever happened.  To my knowledge there is not a single documented incident of a drone/airplane collision.  One can imagine any number of other explanations for how the plane was “struck”.  Maybe it was a UFO.   To automatically presume that the “object” was a drone when there are other more likely possibilities is nothing more than trolling for readership by a failing newspaper industry.  Preying on fears among some of the public – think Chicken Little or Henny Penny.

I’m certainly not defending morons who ignore common sense and laws in the flying of drones.  Nor do I doubt that the day will come when there will be a drone/plane collision.  And I am in favor of reasonable rules/laws in the flying of drones.

Read the full article here.

Starting trouble over nothing.

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I’ve heard of some stupid ideas, but this one takes the cake.

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Another anti-drone fraud

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Drone Registration

Not everyone is crazy about the new requirement by the FAA that hobbyists must register their drones.  Some consider it an invasion of privacy or an unreasonable intrusion of government. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it.  Thanks to the jackassery of some morons, anti-drone hysteria has led to this. As far as the… Continue Reading


The same kid (Austin Haughwout) who some months back made it big on Youtube by building a drone that fired a handgun has now created one that functions as a flying flamethrower. While I certainly don’t approve of the sort of things he’s building, kids will be kids, and I don’t have any hostility towards… Continue Reading

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