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Dumb idea of the day. Dog Poo Drones.

Just when you thought you had heard it all on the applications for drones,, a Dutch dog website, and its partner Space53, an international test center for drones, have developed two Dogdrones to fight an age old problem for dog lovers everywhere: dog poo. “The two Dogdrones – Watchdog 1 (WD1) and Patroldog 1 (PD1) combine drone technology in the air and on the ground,” says a press release.

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Where To Start With Drones

Over the past number of years, we have endured the rise of the drone. From serving in the military to potentially delivering your goods, drones are almost everywhere.

What’s a drone? Well – the word drone was used a lot more when referring to the military tasks taken out by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The army could program flying machines to map out areas or even fly them themselves through remote control.

How airports and the drone industry are teaming up to protect planes

airmapMore than 50 U.S. airports will test a new system to make themselves more aware of drones flying near their runways. Airport executives and the drone industry expect the Digital Notice and Awareness System (D-NAS) to improve safety amid concerns raised by 764 drone sightings near airplanes in 2015.

Drone hobbyists are required to notify airports of their plans when flying within five miles of an airport, but doing so has been a difficult process.  For one thing, hobbyists have to track down the appropriate phone numbers.

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Flying Drone Billboards Are the Future

billboardSkye Aero is a project to build 10-foot helium-filled balloons, with small propellers attached to give better control than your average blimp. The benefits are a much bigger aircraft—useful when you want to advertise to people—and one that won’t crash the second it loses power, or bumps into anyone.

Swiss firm Aerotain’s design stands out, due to its soul-sucking practicality. The company thinks Aerotain will be a perfect, audience-engaging advertising platform.

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Quad-copter Drone Crosses the English Channel

Channel-Crossing-banner-696x349The flight took place on the 16th of February 2016, on an unusually sunny and calm morning.

Simon Vaitevicius, the Birtish Model Flying Association Records Officer said:

“This record is so important in the context of future drone activity such as delivering parcels because it proves that drones can be used over a distance, reliably over time.”

The Enduro 1 drone used cutting edge technology.  A custom airframe was designed by UK based UAV manufacturer Vulcan UAV, efficient T-Motors and blades provided the lift, Optipower provided two 22 Amp hour batteries, Jeti provided the secure and robust control links and Nottingham Scientific Ltd provided the GPS tracking devices.  The drone also had GPS guidance assistance.

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When Good Drones Go Bad

ISIS-drone-mainLATE IN THE summer of 2014, surveillance footage of Syria’s Tabqa air base showed up on YouTube. That it was taken by ISIS forces is unremarkable. That it was shot with a DJI Phantom FC40—a popular consumer drone at the time, the kind you might have found under the Christmas tree—certainly was.

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