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Morons whose stupid or illegal drone activities will lead to over-regulation for the rest of us.

With NO AUTHORITY to do so, Apple bans drones around it’s new campus.

Apple is cracking down on drone use near its new Apple Park campus in California, Apple Insider reports. Security guards working for the company are telling drone operators around the area that they must take their drones out of the air.

But the area isn’t a no-fly zone under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, meaning Apple doesn’t actually have the authority to tell drone operators to do this.

Read the full story here.


Moron arrested in Israel after flying a Mavic Pro just 90ft from planes landing at Sde Dov Airport

A 20-year-old man has been arrested in Israel after flying a DJI drone near an airport – close to where aeroplanes were attempting to land on the runway – and then bragging about the feat on social media.

On Friday 14 July, Niv Stobenzki went to an outdoor bar about half a mile away from the Sde Dov Airport in Tel Aviv and launched his Mavic Pro drone into the air. He used the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to capture footage of commercial jet liners on the approach to the airport, just 90ft (27m) away.

Read the full story here.

A Gold Coast man was caught flying his drone near a chopper at Sea World

The drone pilot said he didn’t expect his flying device would come close to the helicopter.

“It was pretty sketchy how close it got,” he said.

Footage has emerged of Kian Van Dewiel flying his drone at The Spit this afternoon and swarming several beach goers before the aerial toy hovers near a Sea World chopper.

van Dewiel could face hefty fines of up to $20,000 after flying his drone under a helicopter near Sea World.

Read the full story here.

Example of how the media can stoke the flames of anti-drone hysteria.

The headline of the article:  “Plane hits drone over Adelaide airport”

From the very first line in the article:  “A light plane has been damaged after hitting what’s thought to be a drone near Adelaide’s Parafield Airport.”

From the next sentence in the article: “when it was struck by an object”.

So which is it?  Did the plane hit an “object” or a drone?

So many problems with this ridiculously biased article.  It was struck by an “object”.  The plane was landing but the altitude at the time of the “strike” is not mentioned so, in theory, someone might have thrown a rock.  Or a bird could have flown into it which actually happens frequently unlike a drone-plane collision which I don’t believe has ever happened.  To my knowledge there is not a single documented incident of a drone/airplane collision.  One can imagine any number of other explanations for how the plane was “struck”.  Maybe it was a UFO.   To automatically presume that the “object” was a drone when there are other more likely possibilities is nothing more than trolling for readership by a failing newspaper industry.  Preying on fears among some of the public – think Chicken Little or Henny Penny.

I’m certainly not defending morons who ignore common sense and laws in the flying of drones.  Nor do I doubt that the day will come when there will be a drone/plane collision.  And I am in favor of reasonable rules/laws in the flying of drones.

Read the full article here.

Farmers deploying drones to assist in tracking attacks in Schweizer-Reneke, Northwest Province, South Africa

Farmers in the Schweizer-Reneke district in North West are soon going to use a drone to help speed up assistance to victims of farm attacks, and to track down the attackers.

“After Tannie Elsa Erasmus’s murder [about two weeks ago] we realised that we could do more if we had equipment with night vision and thermal imaging.”

Her body was noticed from the air during a search with police and private helicopters. However, this could only be done during the day.

Jordaan said had they had night vision, she might have been found alive and the killers arrested.

Read the full story here.

Arizona leads nation in illegal drones flying over wildfires.

Arizona’s lengthy list of wildfires so far in 2017 has correlated with another unfortunate distinction. The Grand Canyon State also has seen the most number of illegal drone flights above those fires.

There have been seven recorded drone flights over wildfires this year.

Flying over forest fires is illegal because it causes dangerous flight risks for helicopters and airplanes fighting flames.

Gene Alan Carpenter of Prescott Valley pleaded not guilty on Thursday in Mayer Justice Court and remains free after posting a $25,000 bond for flying his drone over the Goodwin Fire on June 24, shortly after it began.

Read the full story here.

Homeland Security concerned about drone terror strikes in the U.S.

The Islamic State has made great strides developing and using drone technology to attack opposition forces in the Middle East.

A study by the RAND Corporation said the advantage that drones provide to terrorists “is not, therefore, in the destructive power that they can carry; rather, it is in the way they carry it and the distance from which they allow an adversary to control its delivery. The value of this advantage to an adversary and, as a result, the likely attractiveness of these systems will therefore be driven by the benefits of aerial attack in solving specific operational problems.”

Read the full story here.

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