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Areas where drones are prohibited, either temporarily or permanently.

Racehorse hit by drone in parade ring incident at Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

The drone was flying over the parade ring and briefly landed on the racehorse, St Killenagh, causing a commotion, after which the operator was approached by a delegation of senior Turf Club stewards.

Killarney racecourse manager Micheal Lucey has described the incident that led to Keith Watson’s runner St Killenagh being struck by a drone in the parade ring before he contested a handicap chase on Tuesday night as reckless.

“He was a tourist and I’m not sure he understood the gravity of what he was doing,” Lucey added. “But what happened was reckless, there’s no doubt about that.

“These things are small and easily disguised and brought into a racecourse. I’m not sure what protocols will have to be put in place to ensure they’re not there, but certainly advertising and signage to the effect that drones aren’t to be used and that prosecutions will follow if they are.”

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Farmer arrested after home-made drone forces high-speed train to make emergency stop

The incident in Luan county, Hebei province, China posed a serious threat to the safety of passengers on board the train, according to the Beijing Railway Police Bureau.

The authorities did not say how close the radio-controlled plane had been to the train. It was also unclear when the incident had happened.

The suspect was a farmer from a nearby village in Qinglong mountain, according to the report.

The man, who has not been named. built the aircraft at home and took it out for a test flight.

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Drones are Speeding Hurricane Harvey Response by 800%

All the commercial and residential properties that Hurricane Harvey has devastated will need to be rebuilt. A lot of the money needed for rebuilding will come out of the pockets of insurance companies.

The FAA has expedited approval for drone operators in Texas. By August 31st, the agency had provided clearance to 43 operators.

Insurance companies intend to take full advantage of drones. Over the next few weeks, hundreds of drones will make thousands of weekly trips to flooded areas to record the full extent of the damage done.

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Georgia Tech is teaching drones to dogfight in swarms.

Teams from Georgia Tech Research Institute and the Naval Postgraduate School met in the barren hills of Camp Roberts — a training base for the California National Guard — last January to test their dogfighting skills. Or, rather, to test the dogfighting skills of their swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Each team sent 10 propeller-driven Zephyr drones skyward with instructions to attack any enemies encountered. Although the drones were physically identical, they used different autonomy logic and collaboration and communications software that had been developed by the two teams.

“The ability to engage a swarm of threat UAVs with another autonomous swarm is an area of critical research for defense applications,” Don Davis, division chief of GTRI’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems Branch, told Georgia Tech News.

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Drones checking out the damage from Hurricane Harvey are thwarting rescue crews. FAA bans them.

The damage from Hurricane Harvey is so extensive, people launched drones in the air to get a better look. But the flying machines were getting in the way of rescue operations, namely first responders trying to get to people who are trapped in flooded areas.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had already issued two Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) in Corpus Christi earlier last week, in preparation of the hurricane, which prevented flights other than those approved by Air Traffic Control. But the FAA took one step further, warning drone operators that any interference with rescue operations would make pilots subject to fines even in areas that didn’t have a TFR.

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Drone discovered on airport taxiway at Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia.

The drone was discovered last Sunday on a taxiway during a routine morning inspection.

“It looks like it may have lost control after losing an engine because it was upside down,” Bankstown Airport chief executive officer Lee de Winton said.

Ms de Winton said the discovery is disappointing given Bankstown Airport’s efforts to highlight the dangers of drones.

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Arizona leads nation in illegal drones flying over wildfires.

Arizona’s lengthy list of wildfires so far in 2017 has correlated with another unfortunate distinction. The Grand Canyon State also has seen the most number of illegal drone flights above those fires.

There have been seven recorded drone flights over wildfires this year.

Flying over forest fires is illegal because it causes dangerous flight risks for helicopters and airplanes fighting flames.

Gene Alan Carpenter of Prescott Valley pleaded not guilty on Thursday in Mayer Justice Court and remains free after posting a $25,000 bond for flying his drone over the Goodwin Fire on June 24, shortly after it began.

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