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Kalashnikov will officially reveal what it is describing as a noiseless reconnaissance and surveillance drone.

It has a four hour flying time and can be launched by hand as Vladimir Putin’s biggest weapons maker takes a step back from its AK-47 – a rifle that has killed more people than any other firearm on the planet.

The drone weighs 7.5 kilograms and also boasts vertical takeoff capability.

Reportedly, three types of noiseless drone to be released onto the market by the weapon manufacturing giant.

A zoom camera and thermal imaging module can be mounted on the unmanned aircraft.

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Neva unveils personal aircraft concept based on proven electric turbine technology at Paris Air Show.

European consortium Neva Aerospace, whose aeronautical engineering and VTOL technology is emerging as the realistic front runner for heavy duty electric and hybrid  aviation, is sharing its Neva AirQuadOne commercial concept for personal manned aircraft with visitors to the Paris Air Show (19- 25 June).

AirQuadOne benefits from the power and VTOL capabilities of Neva’s static thrust electric turbofan (ETF) technologies, developed and now proven by Neva Consortium members in the UK and Germany. This is the same technology that is also available to OEM developers as stand-alone turbofans (2.5 – 15kgf) and modular turbo-drones (MTOW up to 50kg).

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Chinese e-commerce giant has a drone that can deliver packages weighing as much as one ton.

China’s second largest e-commerce giant has developed a drone which can deliver packages weighing as much as one ton throughout rural areas of the country, according to‘s Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Chen explained is currently developing six different types of delivery drones across 10 different provinces in China.

The company has drones that can fly up to 100km per hour, delivering packages weighing from 5kg to 15kg, and is also currently testing drones which can carry as much as 1000kg – or one metric ton. The maximum distance they can travel is approximately 50km before recharging.

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