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Your drone’s latest enemy? The CYBER RIFLE

cyberrifleDrones are experiencing something of an arms race for aerial domination.

As fast as the technology develops to make the unmanned vehicles better in the air, new ways are being developed to take them down.

Video footage has emerged of a soldier in the US using a ‘cyber rifle’ to take down a drone, causing it to lose power instantly in flight before falling out of the air.

The technology was on display at a military exposition in October last year, where a version of the weapon was made from just $150 worth of readily available components.

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BonaDrone’s 3D printed and customizable ‘Mosquito’ drone

bonadrone-launch-crowdfunding-campaign-3dprinted-diy-drone-3As with many 3D printed things, the technology will allow for BonaDrone clients to get involved in the design and creation of their UAV, essentially allowing them to customize their drones. In terms of its appearance, clients will have the option of choosing the color of their drone, as well as any additional accessories they want to add to it, such as camera gimbals, hooks, and the like. BonaDrone also plans to offer its clients the option of upgrading certain parts of the 3D printed quadcopter for high quality materials for more optimal performances, and has suggested they will continually make more parts available as they are developed.

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Drones could solve Australia’s problem with Yellow Crazy Ants

6986428-3x2-700x467Yes, Yellow Crazy Ants is what they’re called.

A collective of Cairns friends with a mutual love of drones has created the world’s first unmanned aerial ant baiting system in the hope of eradicating yellow crazy ants.  In the Northern Territory, yellow crazy ants occupy more than 2,500 square kilometres and are considered a serious threat to invertebrate fauna. On Christmas Island, they are thought to be responsible for the death of up to 20 million of the island’s native red land crabs.

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Drone with heat sensing technology finds lost horse

houdini-is-missing-in-castle-rockA 29-year-old horse went missing in Castle Rock, CO.  After searching without success,  Kerry Garrison, COO of MultiCopter Warehouse was asked to help.  He launched a drone equipped with an infrared camera and within 30 minutes, located “Houdini”.  The horse was caught in a fence and suffered only minor injuries.