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DJI’s Design Platform

djiahdSure, in terms of functionality they are rapidly evolving. But that’s not to say that they couldn’t look a little cooler. This is of course completely subjective – you might love the look of your drone and the fact that it’s pretty much indistinguishable from thousands of others. But industry heavyweight DJI disagrees, and has launched an online design platform with a view to shipping pre-customized Phantom 4s to the masses.

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AT&T, Intel Are Equipping Drones With LTE To Let Them Fly Beyond Line Of Sight

yuneec-typhoon-hAT&T and Intel are working together to equip drones with LTE technology, allowing them to fly farther away from their users.

As everyone knows, LTE is mainly used for mobile phones, tablets and whatnot. This time around, the pair will take the wireless communication up to the sky, first testing on an altitude of up to 500-foot high, which complies with the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules. They will see how it performs in terms of video streaming, transmitting telematics and flight information.

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DJI and Ford want to launch drones from moving vehicles

ford-djiFord and DJI, best known as Phantom drones’ creator, want to help the United Nations with their search-and-rescue missions. In particular, they want to provide UN’s first responders with UAVs that can take off from moving vehicles. The two companies have teamed up for this year’s DJI Developers Challenge, wherein participants will have to create an app that gives drones the capability to take off from and return to moving Ford F-150 trucks.

The goal is to enable the UAV to collect data on survivors’ locations and then beam videos, maps and other info to the responders’ vehicles.

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DJI’s Geospatial Environment Online (GEO)

Image 2On Thursday, drone manufacturer DJI launched a beta version of its new “geofencing” system, something the company says will keep its drones from flying into restricted airspace. The new feature is called Geospatial Environment Online (GEO), and it will let users know about areas where drone flight is restricted, either due to regulations or because of safety issues. It’s DJI’s way of appeasing the FAA, which has called for more regulation of drone flight this past year.

DJI owners can temporarily opt out of GEO and unlock some of the flight restrictions, but there’s a catch. They must have verified accounts with the company.

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Drone scans disaster zones for heartbeats and breathing to locate survivors

search-and-rescue-drone-sensor-960x500A technology firm has developed a small robot module that clips on to any small drone and can be used to search for survivors from the air in a disaster zone. IntelliNet Sensors , based in Orange County, California, has invented the Lynx6-A module, which can be easily clipped on to any small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), whether it is a low-end or high-end product.

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