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New ‘Drone Prix’ App Built from DJI Software Development Kit

Edgybees, an Augmented Reality (AR) technology company, has launched a new AR mobile application that is compatible with DJI drones.

Developed using DJI’s software development kit (SDK), the “Drone Prix” is the first-ever AR mobile app created specifically for DJI’s aerial platforms, according to the companies, which add that the goal is to help new drone pilots master their skills in a “fun, safe and immersive way.”

During the game, users fly a drone through a virtual obstacle course and collect prizes. They can compete for the best performance, points and time for a place in the high-score leaderboard with other drone pilots around the world.

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Search & Rescue finds drones a fast, safe aid in finding lost people.

sarWith 10 years of experience in search and rescue operations, Leo Murrayknows the difference between help and hindrance.

Drone technology, allowing significantly enhanced recovery times and visual access to operations, is proving to be a big help.

Murray (48) is a lead co-ordinator of Donegal Mountain Rescue whose volunteers operate on the barren moorlands and remote northwest coastline. The 26 members conduct between 35 and 50 search operations a year, sometimes more.

The calls come if someone does not come home or return to a parked car, or if mysterious lights are spotted on a dark hillside. Fatalities, outside of suicides, are relatively rare. The team mainly encounters lower limb injuries or exposure cases.

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Snazzy new features for Solo.

rewindSolo will retrace its exact path for the last 60 feet of your flight to ensure it avoids obstacles on its way back home.

Set an infinite cable in any direction, just by pushing a button. Fly up and down this line, controlling speed and direction as well as the camera. Zipline also has a “spot lock” feature, which works like an Orbit point of focus.

Set up your shot, and Solo automatically pans and snaps the right photos at the right time, for cylindrical, spherical or video panoramas.

Define a virtual fence around Solo at any time in flight. You create this virtual “safety net” by setting four points on your satellite view, which creates an area around Solo that the drone can’t leave.

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By mapping the skies, AirMap app paves the way to a drone-filled future

airmapThe problem with being a safety-conscious, responsible drone operator is that it’s much easier to actually fly the drone than it is to comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules.

AirMap has released an application for Apple iOS that could make drone operations safer by directly connecting drone operators to airport operators and air traffic controllers. The app is built atop an Internet application interface that is also being used by drone manufacturers like DJI, 3D Robotics, Yuneec, and the commercial and military small UAS manufacturer Aeryon Labs. This setup allows users to integrate the same services directly into the software used to fly drones.

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Facebook Live initiative is now open to outside developers.

zuckerbergAppearing at the F8 conference for developers, Facebook co-founder Zuckerberg said live mobile streaming within the Facebook app has worked out very successfully for TV stars, in particular. “Many of them have bigger audiences on Facebook than they do on their TV shows,” he said.

By opening to developers, companies like Buzzfeed, Tastemade and drone maker DJI can live stream directly to Facebook news feeds. Zuckerberg got visual and demonstrated, by showing how a drone manufacturer could live stream from a drone, using Facebook Live.

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