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Parrot’s next drone will have a BB gun and a grabbing claw

mamboThe Parrot Mambo, which comes with an attachable gun that can fire small pellets that look like BB gun bullets.

There’s also an optional claw that can be fixed to the front and used to pick up small objects.

This will mark the first time Parrot has offered proper accessories for its drones. We’re told that the gun and claw will be packaged with the Mambo when it debuts, but can be attached to other future drones that come with accessory ports.

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FPV Goggles Reviews

CinematizerFlying using the best FPV goggles is a terrific experience.  It’s a thrilling adventure as you sweep along as if you were the actual drone. FPV glasses give you a real eagle’s view of our World.  When buying FPV goggles, it’s important to understand what the correct field of view, adjustable IPD, glass optics, resolution and digital head tracking should be to suit you.

In this article with videos, we show how to choose the best fpv glasses for you along with looking at some of the most popular fpv goggles on the market.

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UAVfind Offers 900 Mhz drone tracking solution

FNC_4915-300x199UAVfind of Houston, TX has teamed up with the California based manufacturer of the popular Marco Polo pet locator to offer a lightweight (12 grams) transmitter that can easily be affixed to the airframe of most every UAV sold today. Marco Polo has been an industry leader in pet tracking devices that do not require cellular or GPS for tracking up to a range of two miles.

Additionally, the system includes a handheld locator with a small LCD screen that tracks the transmitter signal.

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Drone scans disaster zones for heartbeats and breathing to locate survivors

search-and-rescue-drone-sensor-960x500A technology firm has developed a small robot module that clips on to any small drone and can be used to search for survivors from the air in a disaster zone. IntelliNet Sensors , based in Orange County, California, has invented the Lynx6-A module, which can be easily clipped on to any small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), whether it is a low-end or high-end product.

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