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Active Cooling Mount for iPads for DJI Mobile Device Holder. Pretty nifty if your iPad is overheating.

X-naut, developer of the “first to market” iPad overheating solution available- the Active Cooling Mount for iPads, has entered into the consumer and commercial Drone market with the launch of a new Drone Controller Bracket Compatible with DJI Phantom and Inspire Mobile Device Holders.

“The Drone market is growing and certain business services require that Drone pilots work in 90 plus temperatures for an extended amount of time on mission critical tasks. With the adoption of iPads and applications as top tools for Drone pilots, we had to develop a solution that allowed Drone pilots to fly with the peace of mind that their iPads would not overheat,”

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Illegal Drone FPV Transmitters Could Interfere with Air Traffic Control

In what it calls an “extremely urgent complaint” to the FCC, ARRL has targeted the interference potential of a series of audio/video transmitters used on unmanned aircraft and marketed as Amateur Radio equipment. In a January 10 letter to the FCC Spectrum Enforcement Division, ARRL General Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, said the transmitters use frequencies intended for navigational aids, air traffic control radar, air route surveillance radars, and global positioning systems.

“This is, in ARRL’s view, a potentially very serious interference problem, and it is respectfully requested that the products referenced…be investigated and removed from the marketplace immediately and that the importers be subjected to normal sanctions,”

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