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Drone Delivery Nets. This is a drone delivery idea might just work.

This giant net catches drone deliveries

Could these nets be the mailboxes of the future?

Posted by Futurism on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Japan Post mulling plan to transport parcels between post offices in mountainous areas, to remote islands, by drone.

Japan Post is considering using drones in step with the government’s pro-growth plan under which drone use is eyed for parcel delivery in mountainous regions in 2018 and in urban areas in the 2020s.

“We are aiming to fly drones between post offices in mountainous areas and remote islands,”

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Georgia Tech is teaching drones to dogfight in swarms.

Teams from Georgia Tech Research Institute and the Naval Postgraduate School met in the barren hills of Camp Roberts — a training base for the California National Guard — last January to test their dogfighting skills. Or, rather, to test the dogfighting skills of their swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Each team sent 10 propeller-driven Zephyr drones skyward with instructions to attack any enemies encountered. Although the drones were physically identical, they used different autonomy logic and collaboration and communications software that had been developed by the two teams.

“The ability to engage a swarm of threat UAVs with another autonomous swarm is an area of critical research for defense applications,” Don Davis, division chief of GTRI’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems Branch, told Georgia Tech News.

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DJI Developing No-Internet Mode

DJI Technology, the maker of popular consumer drones including its Phantom line, is developing a new offline mode that it says will help it sell to privacy-conscious enterprise and government customers.

The move comes less than two weeks after the U.S. Army ordered its staff to stop using the Chinese manufacturer’s drones due to “cyber vulnerabilities.”

The company’s pilot app connects to its servers to do things like updating maps and real-time information about flight restrictions that exist in certain areas. However, this connection may put off buyers who have high security requirements around their drone usage.

Read the full article here.

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