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Drone video captures teen rescuing man from capsized boat in Jupiter, Florida.

Drone video captured a 13-year-old boy making a daring rescue Friday afternoon after a boat capsized off the coast of the Jupiter Inlet.

Sam Ruskin and his cousin were surfing at that very moment, just a few hundred yards away.

“At first, we just saw all the boxes from the boat in the middle of the sea, and we were kind of like, ‘What’s going on?’” Ruskin said.

The Independence Middle School student immediately paddled towards the end of the inlet and gave the man his surfboard.

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Thermal Imaging Drone Helps Find Lost Horse.

The horse was lost Friday in Stafford, Connecticut and found by the drone on Saturday.

A horse lost since Friday was found just before dusk on Saturday with the help of a search party and a drone with thermal imaging capability deployed by the Vernon Emergency Management Department’s Aviation Unit.

“Credit is due to Sergeant and pilot Marra, whose expert flying allowed us to zero in on the lost horse and bring forth a happy reunion with with its owner,”

The drone was flying at about 350 feet when Midas was spotted.

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Drone temporarily halts a life flight rescue in Washington County, Utah.

According to the St. George News, a mountain biker on a trail was flown to the hospital after severely fracturing his leg.  A drone that was being flown in the area prevented the helicopter from reaching the injured man, according to reports.  The rider was inaccessible to fire trucks, forcing respondents to reach the injured man on foot.

“We couldn’t even get our UTV anywhere close to where the men were located, and it even took a while on the phone with the other rider to actually identify where they were even located,” St. George Fire Battalion Chief Robert Hooper said.

Paramedics on the scene determined that the injured man was unable to be moved, and decided to call Intermountain Life Flight.  Soon after calling the helicopter, respondents were tipped off that there was a drone in the area. As a result, they were forced to temporarily postpone the flight until the airspace was determined to be safe.

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DJI, the world’s largest drone maker, already exercises control over how people can operate their drones by imposing geo-fences around airports (in compliance with FAA regulations). They also enable geo-fences around areas where law enforcement has requested a Temporary Flight Restriction–such as wildfires or, more controversially, protests. Now they’re rolling out a technology called AeroScope which will broadcast the equivalent of a “drone license plate number” to law enforcement officials with the proper receiver, ensuring that drone owners can no longer operate their craft with anonymity.

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LAPD becomes nation’s largest police department to test drones.

After months of often-heated debate, a civilian oversight panel Tuesday signed off on a yearlong test of drones by the Los Angeles Police Department, which will become the largest police department in the nation to deploy the controversial technology.

The Police Commission’s 3-1 vote prompted jeers, cursing and a small protest that spilled into a downtown intersection just outside the LAPD’s glass headquarters — evidence of the opposition police have faced in recent weeks as they tried to reassure wary residents that the airborne devices would not be misused.

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Virginia First Responders Use Quadcopter Drones to Help Rescue Injured Logger

While responding to the call, members of the Danville Life Saving Crew constructed a strategy of how to rescue the injured logger. When rescue efforts began, Fox piloted a drone to safely guide the rescue boat to the worker. Due to heavy amounts of debris and rocks, the drone was able to see what the boat operators were not. The drone was also used to help guide members up the embankment.

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