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Go fetch! Drones help Swiss rescue dogs find missing people.

Capo, a golden retriever wearing a bright orange rescue harness, runs with his handler in tow towards a body sprawled in the high grass as a giant drone whirrs overhead.

The scene was part of a simulated dog rescue operation this week aimed at highlighting the rapidly growing use of drones to help speed up and expand such searches in Switzerland.

The exercise took place on Wednesday, the same day as a massive landslide on the Piz Cengalo mountain in the Swiss Alps that left eight people missing and triggered a search-and-rescue mission where dogs and drones were deployed.

“The main benefit is to gain more time, to be more efficient and to be faster to find the missing person,”

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Iceland to use drones to search for tourists in the event of a volcanic eruption.

Over the past 11 months, the Icelandic Met Office has twice raised its Katla Volcano alert level to yellow, signaling “elevated unrest.”

For four days this summer, Icelanders watched with concern as a series of strengthening earthquakes peaked at magnitude 3. Natural reservoirs of glacial melt under the ice cap burst and flooded the Mulakvisl River near Vik.  There are also risks from ash, lava and poisonous gases spewing out of the volcano.

The country’s emergency text message system has tested well. For areas with weak phone signals, the plan is to search for travelers with drones.

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Man pursued by shark after swimming away from police.

On Wednesday afternoon at around 4:15 p.m., Surf City police officers stopped 20-year-old Zachary Kingsbury. Police spotted contraband in Kingsbury’s vehicle and asked the young man, who hails from Linwood, Washington, to step out of his vehicle. Shortly after police began interviewing him, Kingsburgy took off on foot, heading towards the beach.

As Surf City Police watched, Kingsbury continued running into the ocean and began swimming away from shore. Police deployed a drone and were able to track Kingsbury for some time.

A shark can clearly be seen following Kingsbury through the water.

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Drones checking out the damage from Hurricane Harvey are thwarting rescue crews. FAA bans them.

The damage from Hurricane Harvey is so extensive, people launched drones in the air to get a better look. But the flying machines were getting in the way of rescue operations, namely first responders trying to get to people who are trapped in flooded areas.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had already issued two Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) in Corpus Christi earlier last week, in preparation of the hurricane, which prevented flights other than those approved by Air Traffic Control. But the FAA took one step further, warning drone operators that any interference with rescue operations would make pilots subject to fines even in areas that didn’t have a TFR.

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Lost floaters rescued by drone in northeast Iowa.

The leisurely float they planned down the Yellow River had gone haywire.

Caked in mud and covered with bug bites, a shivering group of six women from the Quad-Cities huddled together in the dark this past Sunday, stranded in the woods of northeast Iowa.

Just before dusk, one of them had managed to climb atop a bluff, where she found a sliver of cellphone service to call for help.

Without the drone, Kerndt said, “It would’ve been really hard to find them.”

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Drones identify obstacles for Dan River rescuers.

Members of the Danville, Virginia Life Saving Crew and Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office headed to the Dan River Tuesday to rescue a logger pinned down after a tree fell on one of his hands.

Once everyone was on scene, the drones were deployed in a matter of minutes and they immediately began making the rescue safer.

“We were able to navigate the boats around some circumstances in the water, some debris, rock formations, that (the rescuers) didn’t see from the boat as they were trying to navigate,”

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San Francisco firefighters may be flying drones by 2018.

The San Francisco Fire Department would use the drones for a bird’s-eye view of burning buildings, disaster scenes and cliff rescues under a draft policy from Assistant Deputy Chief Shane Francisco.

The department is one of five in San Francisco drafting policies to fly drones.

Drones have a life-saving purpose – saving precious time by guiding firefighters to trapped victims.

“We can do better at saving lives if we have these things”

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