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Farmers deploying drones to assist in tracking attacks in Schweizer-Reneke, Northwest Province, South Africa

Farmers in the Schweizer-Reneke district in North West are soon going to use a drone to help speed up assistance to victims of farm attacks, and to track down the attackers.

“After Tannie Elsa Erasmus’s murder [about two weeks ago] we realised that we could do more if we had equipment with night vision and thermal imaging.”

Her body was noticed from the air during a search with police and private helicopters. However, this could only be done during the day.

Jordaan said had they had night vision, she might have been found alive and the killers arrested.

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Arizona leads nation in illegal drones flying over wildfires.

Arizona’s lengthy list of wildfires so far in 2017 has correlated with another unfortunate distinction. The Grand Canyon State also has seen the most number of illegal drone flights above those fires.

There have been seven recorded drone flights over wildfires this year.

Flying over forest fires is illegal because it causes dangerous flight risks for helicopters and airplanes fighting flames.

Gene Alan Carpenter of Prescott Valley pleaded not guilty on Thursday in Mayer Justice Court and remains free after posting a $25,000 bond for flying his drone over the Goodwin Fire on June 24, shortly after it began.

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Homeland Security concerned about drone terror strikes in the U.S.

The Islamic State has made great strides developing and using drone technology to attack opposition forces in the Middle East.

A study by the RAND Corporation said the advantage that drones provide to terrorists “is not, therefore, in the destructive power that they can carry; rather, it is in the way they carry it and the distance from which they allow an adversary to control its delivery. The value of this advantage to an adversary and, as a result, the likely attractiveness of these systems will therefore be driven by the benefits of aerial attack in solving specific operational problems.”

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Crack squad of ‘drone-busters’ in Britain nails gang of crooks.

So far the squad has grounded drones and tracked down the owners, leading to 35 arrests and 11 convictions.
More than 225kg of drugs and 20,000 mobiles and sim cards were seized as part of the blitz launched last year.
Courts have so far handed out  sentences of more than 40 years imprisonment on drone operators.

Drones with sirens to warn of sharks in Australia

Drones fitted with danger sirens will be used for the first time to warn people of approaching sharks, Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) state government said on Thursday.

“Drones and helicopters have proved a very successful measure in protecting beachgoers — last summer they spotted 571 dangerous sharks and assisted in saving two swimmers,” NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said in a statement.

“We are committed to doing all we can to protect beachgoers and one of the best ways we can do this during the busy school holidays is through our eyes in the sky.”

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