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Los Angeles Fire Department using drones.

The Los Angeles City Council cleared the way Friday for the fire department to start using drones during its efforts in fighting fires and responding to other emergencies, although it will need to seek a waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration first.

Drones operated by municipalities have proved to be controversial. The Los Angeles Police Department received two donated drones in 2014 but has dropped any current plans to deploy them due to public objections.

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“If it had hit someone, it could have killed them”. Well, that’s an exaggeration isn’t it?

“It had been flying low, buzzing over our heads and around the beach for about 40 minutes before it crashed. We think it came from South Sands – there was a large group of people on a balcony there. We were gobsmacked. It was scary. If it had hit someone, it could have killed them.”

Martin explained: “We were paddling around the rocks between North Sands and South Sands when a drone appeared, spoiling the tranquility of the evening.

“When we came back to North Sands, there were five or six people in the water. We suddenly heard a scream as the drone fell out of the sky, landing in the middle of the group, only five feet from the swimmers. They were incredibly lucky not to have been hurt.

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Nude sunbathers say perverts on yacht used drone to peep on them

Seven young girls from Spain filed a police report saying they were recorded by a drone while basking naked on the deck of a boat in Mallorca.

According to the complaint, several Spanish outlets reported, they were spending their Saturday catching up on a boat owned by one of them – five of them sunbathing naked on the deck – when they noticed a drone buzzing around. At one point, the complaint reportedly states, the drone came “right on top” of the girls and kept changing positions, all the while with the red recording light on.

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Man shoots down 13-year-old’s drone in Norfolk County: Police

A 13-year-old’s drone will need some repairs after it was shot down in mid-air over his family’s property in Norfolk County, police say.

OPP say it happened at a home on Highway 59 around 7:52 p.m. Monday.

Police say that the teen was flying his drone around his family’s home when it suddenly spun out of control and landed on a neighbouring property.

Police say the drone was shot down.

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Report: 96 percent of pilot-reported drone sightings are totally benign


The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), a hobbyist organization founded in 1936, today published a report examining the reported close calls between drones and crewed aircraft. Looking at data collected and published by the FAA, the AMA report found that, out of a dataset of 1,270 drone sightings released in February 2017, only 44 of those encounters, or 3.4 percent, were near misses or close calls. Further, this is consistent with data provided in 2016 and 2015, where the number of closes calls hovered between 3.3 and 3.5 percent of the total reports.


Man Spent All Day In Lockup For Flying A Drone Too Close To The NFL Draft

Johnathan Kolleh fell in love with movies growing up in Liberia. Now a resident of West Philadelphia, the 27-year-old began making films about a year ago. Last week, that love of moviemaking led to an arrest and about 14 hours in a holding cell, all because he dared to fly a drone in the vicinity of the NFL Draft.

Kolleh, who does not have a criminal record, says the first police officer who stopped him went to get his supervisors. Then those supervisors went to get their supervisors. He answered the same questions for everyone: What his name was, what he was filming, et cetera. Kolleh’s drone is registered; he says it also has a function that prevents it from taking off in no-fly zones.

“The next thing I know,” Kolleh says. “This off-road looking vehicle that says ‘COUNTERTERRORISM’ on the side pulls up. And these two—not even officers—like, soldiers with tactical vests come out.

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Much to drone company DJI’s delight, a new FAA-commissioned report assures us that we have nothing to fear when it comes to drones. The new findings come from the Alliance for Safety System of UAS through Research Excellence, or ASSURE, which concludes that:

“small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are far more safe to operate around people than earlier models had assumed.”

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