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Watch the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mobile Command Center in action as they monitor IRMA damage using Predator Drones.

The crew that controls the predator and surviellance on it are inside the National Air Security Options Center at Naval Air station Corpus Christi including the cockpit.
Crews used the drone to take before and after photos of the damage.
“We are using the radar to map out some of the geographic points on infrastructure in florida right now for FEMA,” Roddy said.
“Whether it’s trees, damage to certain infrastructures like power plants and hospitals,” Durham said.
The vital information they gather is sent to ground crews.

Drone Delivery Nets. This is a drone delivery idea might just work.

This giant net catches drone deliveries

Could these nets be the mailboxes of the future?

Posted by Futurism on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Japan Post mulling plan to transport parcels between post offices in mountainous areas, to remote islands, by drone.

Japan Post is considering using drones in step with the government’s pro-growth plan under which drone use is eyed for parcel delivery in mountainous regions in 2018 and in urban areas in the 2020s.

“We are aiming to fly drones between post offices in mountainous areas and remote islands,”

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Drones are Speeding Hurricane Harvey Response by 800%

All the commercial and residential properties that Hurricane Harvey has devastated will need to be rebuilt. A lot of the money needed for rebuilding will come out of the pockets of insurance companies.

The FAA has expedited approval for drone operators in Texas. By August 31st, the agency had provided clearance to 43 operators.

Insurance companies intend to take full advantage of drones. Over the next few weeks, hundreds of drones will make thousands of weekly trips to flooded areas to record the full extent of the damage done.

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