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Drone strikes passenger jet.

In a chilling incident in Argentina, a drone hit a passenger plane on approach as it was flying over Tierra Santa religious theme park in Buenos Aires. The jet landed safely.

An Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-800, flying from Trelew, northeastern Patagonia, was struck by a drone during the final landing approach to Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airport, La Capital reports. At the time of the accident, the plane was flying over the Tierra Santa theme park.

While the Boeing landed safely, the captain of the aircraft notified the tower that a major incident was averted, after the drone struck below the window on the commander’s side of the aircraft.

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Everyone’s getting in on the act. Meet the Bentley Skylounge.

We all know Bentley,  British luxury cars manufacturer. This concept is bringing a complete new level of luxury to the air, that is why the name of this drone is Bentley Skylounge.

The interior is as lux as you’d expect with a large lounge area and seats that transform into a bed position for full relaxation. The pilot seat in the front is lowered in order to guarantee a full panoramic view for the passengers while glass elements in the floor provide additional transparency to the giant panoramic greenhouse.

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Meet the PackDrone. An origami-like structure allows it to fold flat.

Inspired to create a drone that could be deployed in search and rescue missions to deliver food, water and first aid to those trapped, its collapsible, cage-like structure ensures the ultimate in safety and portability. We caught up with Przemyslaw Mariusz Kornatowski  to discover how he made the leap from paper crane to origami drone, and where the tech may take us.

The key driver for Kornatowski was to build a drone that would be safe flying in proximity to people while delivering parcels. But not just any parcels, he had a distinct purpose in mind.

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Cormorant cargo and medical evacuation UAV engine upgrade brings it one step closer to production

As Tactical Robotics Ltd. (TRL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Urban Aeronautics, ramps up to full-scale development and delivery of its Cormorant cargo and medical evacuation UAV, TRL announced that it is in the process of installing one of the most advanced and reliable helicopter engines in the world: Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2.

TRL in the process of installing the Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2 engine on its Cormorant cargo and medical evacuation UAV.

The additional power that the Arriel 2 offers over the currently installed Arriel 1D1 will enable operation at full load even in hot summer days, and it will enable an increase in cruise speed and load carrying capability. This shift to Arriel 2 power takes the Cormorant from its current status as a technology demonstrator one step closer to its final production configuration.

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Las Vegas inventor develops drone counter-attack to stop active shooter.

In the wake of the tragedy at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, there has been a lot of talk about coming up with better ways to stop an active shooter.

A Las Vegas inventor and drone enthusiast says he has the answer.   When 8 News NOW was first introduced to John Mendonca two years ago, his drone golf game was beginning to take off.

Mendonca continued to tinker and create other ways to hone in his drone flying skills.

“So the first thing I made was a laser to burst the balloon, and then the other thing, I was making a squirt system, also to squirt a balloon,” Mendonca said.

But as Mendonca worked on his drone attachments, tragedy struck at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.  Out of the horrific shooting that killed 58 people and injured more than 500 others, came a realization, along with some inspiration.

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