DJI Tips on Flying Your Drone from a Boat. Well and thoroughly done.

Drone photographs captured over water are filled with drama and never-before-seen views of the planet around us. We see marine life, shoreline, and the spectacle of contrasting elements.  Flying a drone from a boat is especially challenging and requires a great deal of care and pre-consideration, if you don’t want to say goodbye to your DJI investment.

We have flown from boats and kayaks since the Phantom 1, in early 2013, and we endured several scares and close calls. We learned from our mistakes and we want to teach others so that they also learn from our mishaps. Here, at DJI Aerial Photo Academy, we compiled a list of pointers that will help you mitigate your risks while flying from a boat. Not all of these tips will apply to every flight or every type of boat. It is best to at least read these and grasp the reasons behind each tip, in case you find yourself in a wet situation where your drone begins to act oddly.

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