I’ve heard of some stupid ideas, but this one takes the cake.

Ron-Newburg-1024x768If you’re like many Americans, you are concerned about the lack of privacy when it comes to drones hovering over or around your property. At DoNotViewList.com we’ve created a system that allows drone operators and service providers to conduct normal flight operations while preserving image privacy for property owners and occupants.

Once registered, your property becomes part of our secure database. Our service will create precise coordinates of your location and inform participating drones where aerial privacy is being requested. Drones are able to use our database and processing techniques to redact pictures and video of your property, blocking it from being viewed.

No one, and I mean NO responsible drone operator would ever have a use for this stupid product.  And no irresponsible drone operator would ever install the APP.  It’s just plain stupid.

A drone doesn’t need to be directly over someones house for it’s camera to “see” a property, so what good is the list?

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