Amazon is trying to cut our airspace by 50%!

In deference to the FAA, or in sympathy with the FAA, it turns out that they have a limited ability to regulate amateur drones, but they have full powers to regulate commercial drones. ..that imbalance doesn’t make sense says Paul Misener.

Paul Misener, Vice President for Global Public Policy at Amazon outlined the airspace traffic design that Amazon has proposed to the FAA as a way of separating drones from manned aircraft.  The proposal calls for designating spaces for classes of aircraft: manned aircraft above 500 feet; a no-fly safety buffer between 400 and 500 feet ; and a “transit zone” between 200 and 400 feet where drones could fly horizontally at high speeds. The space below 200 feet would be limited to certain operations such as photography or takeoff and landing operations.

Personally, I don’t see the concept ever taking off anyway.  But the idea that they would propose to take the airspace from millions of taxpaying, American hobbyists to do it is truly offensive.

Read the full Yahoo interview here.