Florida man attempts to shoot down drone. Misses all 7 shots. No arrests.

As a drone hovered near his home Monday night, a Florida man sought to bring down the aerial intruder by firing seven shots from his 9mm handgun, according to police and the pistolero.

Wilmer Yanes, 39, spotted the drone flying above his Bradenton residence upon returning to the property around 6 PM. The drone, Yanes told TSG, dropped to within a few feet of the ground before shooting back up into the sky. Yanes added that he waved his hands at the camera-equipped drone, indicating that he wanted its operator to fly the drone away from his home.

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Actions have consequences. Especially stupid, illegal & dangerous actions – he could have killed someone.

A 20-year-old Pasco man won’t serve any jail time for crashing a drone onto the roof of Seattle’s Space Needle on New Year’s Eve 2016, but he’s been ordered by a Seattle, Washington Municipal judge to forfeit the aircraft, according to court records.

Cole Kelley pleaded guilty Tuesday to a gross misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment, acknowledging he “flew a drone in a manner that caused a likelihood of harm to persons or property,” court records say.

Nokia wants to turn police vans and fire engines into command and control centers to help emergency responders.

The idea is for fire engines to have their own personal 4G network with a 50km radius.

From the command centre, fire fighters would launch drones and use their cameras to survey the scene. The same concept is being used for search and rescue, with artificial intelligence linking the drones together into a “swarm”, so only one pilot is needed to direct a whole group of drones.

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